Have I Told You About My Pyramid Scheme Lately?


See what I did there with the pyramid?

Back when I started Plexus, all my close friends were like, “Hey, I wanna know how it goes. Let me know.”  That’s what this post is about.  Because I’ve been taking various Plexus supplements for about three months now, and I want to share HONESTLY how it has affected me.  And most of the people who decided to give it a try have been taking it for about two months, and they are seeing changes too.  In fact, nothing gets me more pumped up than when a friend texts me to tell me that they are seeing some kind of improvement!

But FIRST. Let’s talk pyramid schemes.  I like to keep my friends on their toes.  Mainly by doing things like bashing any and all pyramid schemes and then turning right around to join one.  (Wait, Plexus friends, I know you are just DYING to jump in and say, “IT’S NOT A SCHEME!” Be patient.) Let me talk to my fellow MLMers first.  Do you know what happens if a friend tells you that your company is a ponzi/pyramid scheme and you immediately and defensively bounce back with, “It’s REALLY NOT a pyramid scheme?”  Your friend immediately thinks, “Uh oh. Leah has joined the dark side.”  And then they will continue to scroll past all your Facebook posts because they don’t want to become your next target. Trust me. So when someone tells you you’re in a pyramid scheme, just let them say it. Laugh at yourself.  If it really isn’t a scheme, then there’s literally no need to defend. Feel the freedom wash over you now!

Most likely, your friends just want to know that they are ACTUALLY your friends and that you’re not just trying to get their money.  And hopefully that is true.  But, if you’re like me, you really do LOVE your friends and you also think that everyone in the world should be taking an effective probiotic.  So you try really hard to tone it down when they’re talking about seasonal sniffles, postpartum issues, skin problems AND mood issues while you KNOW your awesome probiotic could get to the root of it in a few months, but you don’t want to be judgmental, and you don’t want them to think you are greedy.  So you just zip your lips. Now I’m talking to the non-MLMers.  Your friends actually do care about YOU.  Most likely, they’ve just found something they love that really helped them or someone they love, and they are (very timidly) trying to ask you if you might be interested. It really isn’t about your money. BUT, as a friend pointed out, EVERYONE is trying to get your money. Target and Costco and Amazon are all trying to get your money.  I know in my case, if I am “selling” you something, I am going to do my best to make sure that you are happy and taken care of because our relationship is on the line, and I would be horrified if you were avoiding me because of my darn probiotic.

So, your pyramid scheme/dark side friend has taken a chance to ask if you might want to try something that they think would benefit you.  Don’t get offended. Just say no. Tell them you’d rather not.  At least they think you are a safe enough person to ask.  Or if you try it and don’t like it, just say it. No one will be offended. And with most of the really good MLMs, satisfaction is guaranteed.  We will get you a refund.  My new most used words since joining Plexus are “NO PRESSURE.” Because really, there’s not. Dear MLMers, please take a no as a no. Please don’t keep begging them. It makes you look desperate.  And if your product is really that great, you don’t NEED people to buy it.  It’s happened to me before. It’s the worst. Nothing makes you feel less like a friend and more like a potential customer than continuing to get asked after you have told someone “no.”

One last little pyramid scheme note while I’m on it, and then we will get to the good stuff. MLMers, if you are asking people to do you a favor (and buy your product) so you can reach your business goals, you are on the wrong track. No one cares about your business goals, except your upline and maybe your mom.  You are serving the customer, not vis versa.  If your mindset is that people are doing YOU a favor by purchasing from you, you’ve got it all backwards.  But perhaps this is why I love Plexus. I could never dream of “selling” anything to a friend if I didn’t believe that it was actually good for THEM.

So. Now. The list.  LET me say loud and clear- THIS IS A PROCESS. Some things get better right away.  Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Sometimes you have to figure out what works and doesn’t work with your body.  But it’s NOT a quick fix. It’s dealing with nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that have likely been in place for a LONG TIME.  These things can take time to work bc we aren’t masking symptoms. First, what other people have said.  These are my friends who have actually purchased from me.

  • Acid re-flux in pregnancy – totally gone.
  • Warts just fell off skin.
  • Feeling happier and less despondent (coming from a friend recovering from several health struggles/surgeries)
  • More energy, less hungry, still plenty of breastmilk (a nursing mom)
  • Skin is more supple (which is good if you are post-menopausal)
  • Digestion improving (hear this all the time, better #2s, to say it nicely)
  • Exhaustion headache (from having a newborn and not sleeping for 2 months) completely gone
  • No need for a nap
  • No need for afternoon coffee/afternoon crash is gone
  • Consistently feeling better- only one “freak out” moment, which is a huge improvement
  • Chronic pain in joints is better
  • Sleeping better and/or if not sleeping better, still feeling okay during the day after not sleeping the night before
  • Lastly, I am awaiting HOPEFULLY improved cholesterol levels for two friends.  I’ll keep you posted.

That being said I also need to insert the official Plexus disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

As far as negatives… the most “negative” feedback is dealing with bacteria die-off and detox symptoms, which can feel like the flu/bloating/cravings/etc. for awhile after starting some of the products and/or after increasing dosage.  The second most “negative” feedback (but I welcome HONEST feedback always) is that they can’t really tell a difference.  I share that because it’s true. Some people can’t tell a difference, and I would tell them (like I tell Matt, who I love and am totally honest with), that they should be on a probiotic whether they can tell a difference or not. 🙂  But I’m only saying that to you.

Now with me.  You can’t trust me because I sell this stuff.  (I’m not supposed to say sell.) However.  After having taken several supplements for months prior to starting Plexus, I am now almost on ONLY Plexus, which is nice for convenience sake. I’m not going into great detail bc this is a public blog post and I have no idea who is reading it. But, truthfully am experiencing:

  • More energy and LESS afternoon crashing. Read: When I give the kids the ipad for an extended time in the afternoon, it’s so I can do something productive instead of take a nap.  Less “crashing” in general – like after meals, etc.
  • No more pain flare ups.  I used to need to see a massage therapist or a chiropractor or something of the sort once a month when my muscles would tense up for no apparent reason.  This got much better on some supplements I started taking last December, but I have literally had zero trouble in the last three months (without MOST of the supplements I was on prior to Plexus).
  • Hormones normalizing.  This requires much more explanation, and it wasn’t solved immediately, and I don’t think it’s something that just gets cured without maintenance. HOWEVER, I just (we’re talking JUST) started taking a new product (bc some plexus people said it might help with sleep), and I am convinced prevented my monthly PMS hell week.  (And yes, I called it hell week, and YES, I slept like a baby during the week that I normally have the most trouble with sleep.)  Take this with a grain of salt bc this is a new development and the verdict is still out.
  • Acne has changed.  I say changed bc I used to get hormonal acne (on chin) twice a month.  Now, I don’t get it there… I have gotten mild breakouts in other places (on cheeks), and I believe this is still my body healing from the inside out… Check out this acne face map.
  • My nails are longer and stronger.
  • Brain fog and attention span extremely improved. (This is confirmed by Matt.)
  • I did blood tests for all sorts of stuff back in June… I am hoping to retest in the new year to see how things have changed.

That’s the ponzi scheme update. Plexus seems sort of miraculous and unbelievable until you research the ingredients and understand what they are actually doing.  It’s not going to solve every problem you’ve ever had and make you a whole new creature, but it might help some stuff!  This post is way too long.  Thanks for hangin’ with me to the bitter end!








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