Life Lately with Three Boys

I haven’t posted since February, so we are long due.  I’ve missed you.  It only makes sense to reconnect with a little snippet of our life lately, so here you go.

First, it would appear that I am losing the battle to somehow turn my kids into Aggies.  They’ve inherited everything from their dad.  Gender (can you really say gender is inherited?), blue eyes, and football teams… Here are my men at the Texas Orange and White Game. Yes, I was there too. No, I wasn’t wearing burnt orange.  Yes, I am one of those moms who needs more pictures with my kids. Yes, it’s absolutely because I don’t like pictures of myself. Working on it.


Anyway, in case you wanted more proof that my kids are, in fact, becoming Longhorns… if the burnt orange wasn’t enough…


The kid just randomly sticks his horns up while we are hanging out at the pool? I have failed as an Aggie.  In my defense, I’m not trying very hard.  But, thank you TAMU, for being good at baseball this year.  That helps my cause. Now look at these faces…


Can you say “trouble?” To me, it looks like I caught them in the middle of some serious mischief.  Their relationship goes something like this: Sam makes Jack cry on purpose.  Jack secretly likes it.  Mom tells Sam to stop bothering Jack.  Jack is crying and laughing at the same time… and begging for more.  Mom gives up.  Meanwhile, Henry is at school, and when he comes home I look at him and think, “You are huge.” I love how he wants to be outside more these days.  I love how he comes up with ideas of things to do that are totally boyish and creative… like spitting on ants, digging for worms, or randomly nailing pieces of Star Wars artwork into the wall in his room (with a toy hammer).  Kindergarten has been a good year for this kid.


Meanwhile, at the baseball fields. 75% of the reason I haven’t been writing is because Sam and Henry are both playing baseball/teeball this year, and we seem to ALWAYS be at those baseball fields. (I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the number of times/week we seem to be playing baseball.)  The secret is, we are on a team with friends and bonding with mom-friends is as therapeutic for me as running around playing a sport is for the boys.  Win win. Plus vitamin D. (I’m very, very big on Vitamin D these days.  Less into sunscreen.)  Here is Sam on the back end of his swing.  This kid runs through home plate with the biggest smiles on his face.


And since Jack has two role models and is forced to the baseball fields several times a week, he’s gotten pretty serious about the sport himself. As you can clearly see.


How about some adult activities?  When you’ve been married ten years and your kids are at very intense ages, it’s good for the marriage to get away.  So for our 10 year anniversary, we took at date night to this little French restaurant in Downtown Austin, Chez Nous.  It was sooooo good.  And, let me tell you, it was AUTHENTIC.  I started surveying the people in the restaurant… we were some of the only people who weren’t actually FRENCH.  So if there are French people eating at a French restaurant, you know it’s actually good. Quaint, cozy, delicious.  Perfect way to celebrate 10 years and get away for a date night.


Confession: I am a closet granola.  Also, I’m an easy sell.  It’s a bad combo.  Tell me that some secret green smoothie will solve all of my ailments?  I will want to buy it.  (I can resist about 45% of the time.) I watched a documentary about the benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh, and I just had to have it… I’m currently finding ways to incorporate these bad boys into daily life.  Studies show that BOTH of them are incredible anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory agents.  And well, I’m all for that.


Speaking of health-type stuff.  I’ve stopped drinking this bad boy.


Why?  Well, I fasted from coffee for like two weeks (cause I do that occasionally), and I noticed my skin was clearer almost IMMEDIATELY.  When I started back up (with coffee), I decided to leave this out and see if the breakouts would come back or not… sure enough, I’m still enjoying coffee (without this) and wine and my skin is still clear.  So, bye bye Nestle… anyway, have you seen the ingredient list?


It’s all making sense to me now.  I listened to a webinar about how to balance hormones naturally a few months ago (remember, closet granola, health nerd) and one of the BIGGEST recommendations was getting vegetable oils out of your diet… So, my acne was hormonal (on my chin), and it’s been gone since I cut this stuff out – this stuff is basically vegetable oil and sugar. Two really bad culprits for hormone imbalance.  And, to give full disclosure – I missed it, so I tried to add it back in one day, and guess what?  I could NOT STAND the taste anymore.  Ugh – toooooo sweet.

So to sum it all up, I’ll say this.  Another reason I haven’t been writing is because I realize that to be even decent at the kind of writing I want to do, I need to be vulnerable. I need to be myself.  I need to share honestly.  And sometimes, I don’t want to do that.  But I’ll do it here and now because it makes sense… and I have to.  Here’s my truth for the week – how we feel about ourselves on the inside determines how we treat ourselves on the outside.  And, more honesty, I have trouble liking myself sometimes.  I sometimes wish God had made me different than he made me.  But he didn’t.  He gave me my quirks, my weaknesses, my personality on purpose.  And when I praise him because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  When I delight in the creature he has made me to be, well, I treat my body better.  I’m much less likely to eat/drink crap like that up there that makes me feel bad.  It’s really easy to say NO when I am loving and respecting my whole inside self.  It’s also easier to drink water and eat veggies and say no to cookies (occasionally) when I am happy on the inside.  And I enjoy my kids more when I am happy with myself too.  And exercise is more fun too. So there is my dose of vulnerability today.  I’m working on delighting in God’s creation – ME. Not because I am great but because HE is great and worthy of honor for what he has made – ME.

The end.



  1. love this! and yes… take more pictures with your kids… I didn’t and sadly there is no going back in time to remedy that. Lastly, I have a feeling at least one of those burnt orange shirts will turn maroon with age ;-).

    • Thank you, Mrs. Boyd! I’d go take one right now if I didn’t have pink eye! 😉 … or maybe I still should.

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