How could I wish for anything else? (On Having a Third Boy)

So many of you now know that baby #3 showed his cards on Thursday, and he is most decidedly a boy!  Since many people don’t get the experience of having three of the same gender, I felt like I wanted to share my true, true feelings about it here.

Truthfully, I am ecstatic!  Admittedly, earlier in my pregnancy, I was hoping this one would be a girl. Admittedly, I did not want to bank on the initial, 12 week boy guess.  But looking back that all seems so silly now.  How could I wish for anything other than THIS baby?  He has been a boy since the day he was conceived, and he is fearfully and wonderfully made.  And I already love him a whole, whole lot.  Whatever his name is.

Y’all, the lady put the sonogram wand on my belly, and literally the first thing I saw was this kid’s male parts. (Excuse me, I guess.)  She didn’t even have to tell me; I just blurted, “Well that’s a boy!”  And to be honest, even at the 12 week sono, when I saw the kiddo’s little form, his ribs and backbone, I thought, “Gee, it just looks like it has to be a boy.”

Matt immediately put his hand on my shoulder, I think, in anticipation of tears. (I don’t know why he’d expect that – it’s not like this pregnant, hormonal, lady EVER cries at the drop of a hat.) But really, I was not sad at all.  Somehow over the last 11 weeks, I often found myself wanting another boy, as strange as it sounds!

And now, I feel honored.  Of course raising any child of any gender is a high calling, but somehow with boy #3 on the way, I feel like I have a uniquely high calling to raise men.  Men that love and honor the Lord.  Men that find their masculine identity not in how athletic they are, how big they are, how well they shoot a gun, or how much money they make, but in God.

Matt and I were talking last night because someone asked him if we would have a fourth baby so we could have a girl.  And the person (innocently of course) suggested that we might just have to adopt a girl.  So if you also are curious about these things, let me satisfy your curiosity!

One, whether this child turned out to be a boy or a girl, I have never been certain that we would be done after #3.  Back when Matt and I were engaged, four kids was the magic number.  But to be honest, as far as family planning goes, I have gone from having it all planned out to taking one day at a time.  So far in this pregnancy, I haven’t felt like it was my last one.  That obviously may change.

Two, adoption has always been on the table.  Honestly though, today, right now, if we were to adopt, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t want to adopt a little boy.  I know, it’s crazy.  Now admittedly, I am rebellious, and the suggestion that we may need to adopt so we can have a girl, could clearly be pushing my rebellious side in the other direction. But, but, but… I think it is also testifies that I am fully embracing my current identity as “mom of all boys.” 🙂

Anyway, I think that’s all.  Now we just have to find a name other than Josh.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with the name Josh.)

Sweet little feet!
He hid his face pretty much the whole time.  This was the best face shot we got.



  1. Congratulations on the news of another little boy! I absolutely love your perspective, and to be honest I had a lot of the same thoughts before finding out what #2 was going to be. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around being a mom to a girl now, because my identity is very much a “boy’s mom” right now. Here’s to a happy and healthy baby boy!!

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